Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Collection Review

Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Collection Review BH Cosmetics

Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Collection Review

Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Makeup Collection Review

Isn’t it a grand feeling when the package of goodies you ordered arrives at your doorstep? I recently put in quite a large order with BH Cosmetics, primarily because I wanted to try the Ashley Tisdale Illuminate collection that launched last year (and they were running some pretty stellar sales).

BH Cosmetics is an affordable cruelty-free makeup brand, available online and at Ulta. For how affordable their products are most of them work rather well.

Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Makeup Collection BH Cosmetics

The Illuminate Collection by Ashley Tisdale

Illuminate Brushes

The Illuminate brush set includes 8 teal and gold synthetic (cruelty-free) makeup brushes (4 face brushes, 4 eye brushes). The brushes are very soft and luxurious, definitely impressive for their price point, around $20 USD.
View Brush Set

  • Brush #1 – Deluxe Powder Brush
  • Brush #2 – Dual Fiber Blending Brush
  • Brush #3 – Blush Brush
  • Brush #4 – Angled Contour Brush
  • Brush #5 – Tapered Eye Blending Brush
  • Brush #6 – Large Shadow Brush
  • Brush #7 – Smudge Brush
  • Brush #8 – Angled Liner Brush

Illuminate Eye Shadow Palettes

Ashley came out with 3 different palettes for this collection, all of which include 12 different colors – 9 eyeshadows (mix of shimmer & matte), one bronzer, one blush, and one highlighter. The palettes costΒ $12.00 USD.

  • Goddess Palette – pink, purple, blue and brown colors (I did not purchase this one – just a color preference thing)
  • Beach Goddess Palette – nude, bronze and copper colors (Perfect for a beachy, summer daytime look – light, classic and natural shades) – pictured above – bottom left
  • Night Goddess Palette – peach, pink, purple, bronze and brown colors (Gorgeous for day or night time looks – deeper colors than beach goddess)- pictured above – top right

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Illuminate Enhancing Lip Glosses

The illuminate lip glosses are gorgeous and make a perfect beachy look. The formula is full-coverage, hydrating and anti-aging. There are six colors to choose from (I only bought 3) and they’re all honestly to die for. They are all sparkly and/or have a sheen. Each lip gloss costs $6.00 USD.

  • Bonfire – dark magenta pink
  • Aloha – baby doll pink (I grabbed this one – pictured above)
  • Hibiscus – muted berry
  • Coral Reef – peachy pink (I grabbed this one – pictured above)
  • Skinny Dipping – nude brown
  • Tan Lines – muted, pinky beige (I grabbed this one – pictured above)

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Illuminate Cream Cheek & Lip Tints

The Illuminate cream cheek and lip tint are pretty self-explanatory – it’s a cream color that can be applied to your cheeks and/or lips. I only grabbed two of these bad boys (again, just a color preference), but there areΒ six shades total. The tints run $6.00 USD.

  • Cabana – nude mauve (I grabbed this one – pictured above)
  • RosΓ© – coral pink (I grabbed this one – pictured above)
  • Peaches n’ Cream – orangey
  • Espresso – reddish brown
  • Coco – medium brown
  • Red Velvet – berry red

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Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale BH Cosmetics Packaging

The Rest of The Collection

There are a few more items in the collection that I didn’t purchase and therefore didn’t review. This includes two highlighter shades, called illuminating shimmer. They didn’t really trip my trigger color wise, and are likely too dark for my pale complexion. There is also a body bronzer gradual tanner that I passed on as well!

Review of The Illuminate Collection

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the Illuminate collection, especially for how affordable it is.

The brushes have become a staple in my daily routine. I love that they’re synthetic & cruelty-free. The eyeshadows are a little patchy, but the pigmentation of the shadows makes up for it. They’re not the most long-lasting shadows on the market, but again for the price point, they’re not terrible.

The lip glosses are beautiful and smell great, but are a little sticky. I had to use a lip brush to blend them out out. They were not long lasting, but most lip glosses aren’t.

The cheek and lip tints are my favorite items in the collection. They’re pigmented enough without looking fake plus they’re dual purpose, which saves space and time. I find myself grabbing for these the most.

The only major disappointment I have with the set overall is that it’s not going to work well for every skin tone, especially deeper tones. I would like to see BH Cosmetics be more inclusive with their shades.

Full-face Makeup Tutorial Using Illuminate Products

Below is a makeup look I created using the Illuminate collection. The video is pretty old and not well made BUT we all have to start somewhere, right?


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