Who Is Stephanie Kay?

Stephanie Kay (noun)
[‘Stef-uh-nee Kaye’]
1. an introvert with a love for animals, makeup, internal beauty, reading, creativity, and dark chocolate.
2. a web developer, blogger & makeup mentor.
3. a woman who aspires to better herself and others around her.
4. an anxiety-ridden perfectionist on a journey to self-love.

Turning a New Leaf

Although I’m not a professional makeup artist, I have studied professional artistry on my own for quite some time. Until recently, I had fallen victim to an unhealthy train of thought, focusing solely on the performance of a beauty product and not its ethical and chemical makeup. After finding out that the USA allows the use of 1,000+ chemicals that other countries have banned, plus has no real regulations or laws on animal testing I made the decision to be wiser with the products I use.

Beauty With a Brain (and Conscience)

Unless otherwise specified, all of the products I discuss across my blog are cruelty-free (meaning they have not been tested on animals at any point) and have naturally derived and/or non-toxic ingredients. I’m also working towards being more mindful with waste and may integrate some eco-friendly beauty tips as a side bonus.

See a Need, Fill a Need

“Cruelty-Free” is kind of a buzzword right now, however, many people don’t fully understand what cruelty-free entails nor how to find reliable information on it. While there are some great resources out there for researching cruelty-free brands, I have yet to see one that also focuses on the safety of beauty ingredients as well. This is why I decided to create Clean & Cruelty-Free – for people who care about both their health and the well-being of animals.

Little Miss Marley

You may come across a cute little orange cat on Clean andΒ Cruelty-Free. This is my tiger tabby, Marley and the star of the show (at least in our house). She’s currently my only fur baby, but I do believeΒ a pup is in my near future! πŸ˜‰

Guide to Cruelty-Free Makeup

Contact Information

Stephanie Hussar
Founder, Clean and Cruelty-Free