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Stephanie Tear CEO of Glaminizers

Behind The Brand: Glaminizers (Only With Love)

*Update – As of June 2022, Glaminizers now goes by the name ‘Only With Love’ and has expanded their product line with candles and crystals. View Website >

Glaminizers Rose Elixir - Clean and Cruelty Free
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Tear

As a green beauty lover, it can sometimes be hard to find a clean product that still feels glamorous and luxe! When we discovered Glaminzers, a non-toxic and vegan skin and body care line out of Maryland, we were stoked!

Glaminizers marries the idea of glam and clean beauty into one beautiful line, with products such as glow butter, sugar scrubs, hair masks, makeup brush cleaner & more.

Below you’ll find an interview we’ve conducted recently with Stephanie Tear, CEO of Glaminzers. Fun Fact: You may recognize her from Season 1 of Lifetime’s ‘Glam Masters’.

Stephanie Tear CEO of Glaminizers
Stephanie Tear, CEO & Founder of Glaminizers

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Stephanie Tear. I am the CEO of Glaminizers and I’m from Maryland. I have always loved art and been very passionate about creating, whether that was painting, photography, etc. I discovered my love for makeup in my freshman year of high school. I was totally makeup-obsessed and it spiraled into me becoming a freelance makeup artist.

How did the idea for your business come about?

The story behind how my business came into existence is so beautiful. Everything happened so organically and it’s so meaningful to me when I look back. As a young freelance MUA, I was struggling to build my kit. I also loved high-end makeup and wanted to provide my clients with the best quality products. I noticed even a lot of high-end makeup/cosmetics didn’t perform as well as I thought they would. This ignited my idea – I am going to create products I need/want but BETTER than what’s on the market. My first real product was a brush cleaner. As an MUA… you need lots of it!

How did you choose your brand name?

Glaminizers is inspired by the first items I ever released. In my early days of doing makeup, I was so obsessed with having every lipstick, every new palette, etc. and I noticed that makeup storage/organizers were so boring! I decided to start studding my makeup organizers with Swarovski crystals. I think luxury makeup packaging is so beautiful and makeup should be stored in a cute + glam way! So then came, Glam-inizers (Glam-Organizers). We currently sell these items ONLY as holiday exclusives!

What type of products do you create?

I create a variety of products, but I would say Glaminizers is mainly skin and body care. We also have some makeup items that are packed with dye-free mica and have amazing pigmentation!

How do you select which ingredients to use? Is there anything in particular you avoid?

Ingredient selection is a very rigorous task and it’s one of the most serious parts of my job as the CEO and product-formulator. It requires hours upon hours of research and many months of trials. Because I only source plant-based ingredients, there is never a health-risk or potential side-effects, which is so important. I always avoid chemical ingredients and heavy synthetics. I believe that the greatest medicine is what Earth provides us. So if it’s not natural, I avoid it.

I also have very strict regulations on the pigments and fragrances I use for my products. None of the products ever contain chemical dyes such as Yellow Lake, Red Lake, Ultramarines, etc. I also do not use synthetic fragrance oils. The beautiful aromas of Glaminizers products are solely from ethically sourced Essential Oils. I also never use – Glycols, Alcohols, Sorbates, Phthalates, Parabens, Petrochemicals, or any other potentially concerning ingredients.

How do you select the colors and packaging for your products? Do you pull inspiration from anywhere?

Over the past year, I have been really into minimalistic packaging. I feel it puts the focus on the product. With distracting packaging, we don’t take the time to appreciate the ingredients, quality, and benefits of each. I love natural, minimal, clean, and sophisticated packaging. I believe our products look timeless and beautiful on your shelf.

What was the first product you created? Are you currently still making it?

The first actual cosmetic product I created was brush cleaner. I would spend hours upon hours cleaning hundreds of brushes when I was freelancing, doing makeup. Having a brush cleaner that worked well was SO important. Over the years I have continuously updated the formula, tweaked it a little, but Bomb Cleaner is forever a favorite of mine! It has two scents, Rose and Peppermint. It’s the best brush cleaner I’ve ever used, not because I’m biased, but because I formulated it to be – with much hard work and many trials!

Do you have a favorite product?

Glow Butter is definitely my favorite product! It was one of the hardest to formulate and I can’t go on any vacation/do any photoshoots without it!

Why is being cruelty-free (not testing on animals) important to you?

Being cruelty-free is essential to me because no animal or living being deserves to suffer, especially not for unnecessary means of “beauty” or self-care products. Animals are our equals. I hope that my products advocate for quality cosmetics without animal testing being, not only possible but sustainable!

Do you offer any vegan-friendly products?

Our entire company prides ourself on being 100% Vegan. It is by far the most important thing to us. We do not even source pigments that contain ‘carmine’ which is a red-colorant made from crushed beetles.

Does your brand use sustainable/eco-friendly packaging?

We are a very eco-conscious company and we have multiple earth-friendly systems in place. 90% of our product packaging is thick-wall glass. The exception for glass packaging is primarily smaller items such as lash tubes and pigment jars. All of our glass is very durable, easy to clean, and reusable forever! We currently only sell ONE full-sized item in plastic packaging, Enrich Hair Mask. To off-set our impact with this product, we donate a proceed of sales to ocean clean-up organizations. We encourage customers to donate their old Lash Life wands to ‘Wands for Wildlife’. There is an entire page with information about this amazing organization on our website! We also have our own up-cycling program, Glam-Cycle. This shows customers how to efficiently utilize empty packaging and be a part of the low impact movement!

Do you have any new products or exciting updates in the pipeline?

We always have some fun stuff around the corner! We are most excited about our Fall Collection which has just recently launched! These products are Limited Edition and some of the best formulations we’ve ever created! Get ready to dive into crisp fall fragrances and indulge in luxury skincare to prep your skin for the colder months. Sugar Cookie and Pumpkin Spice body scrubs are some of our faves from the collection! But nothing beats our custom Rich Cocoa scrub and lux butter, which are made with the most rich, delicious blend of PURE Cacao, harvested in France.

Learn more about Glaminizers in this video.

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