Because makeup shouldn't harm us or animals.

Animal Rights Activism | End Animal Testing
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“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” ― Albert Einstein

Being a Voice for The Voiceless

Unfortunately, the United States still allows animal testing to be conducted, even though most other countries have banned it. The ideology behind animal testing is antiquated. There are far better ways for brands to test their ingredients and finished products than on animals, even methods that have been proven to be more scientifically sound.

Too often people remove themselves from the situation, or consider animal testing a necessary evil – but it’s not true. We don’t need animal testing.

What we do need is for voices to help speak out against animal testing, to show that we’ve had enough. To show that we’re not going to go along with it anymore. To show that animals’ lives matter to us more than our beauty products do.

How You Can Help End Animal Testing

Below are a few ways in which you can use your voice to help fight against animal testing in cosmetics:

Brand Outreach

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your favorite brands to either thank them for being cruelty-free or to encourage them to become cruelty-free. The more often they hear that their consumers appreciate or want them to be cruelty-free, the bigger impact it’s going to make on them. Also, let them know how important it is that they use non-toxic ingredients!

Shop Cruelty-Free

When we stop buying products from brands that test on animals they notice. If you want to stand strong against animal cruelty you can stop buying products that are tested on animals, and only buy from cruelty-free brands. To learn how to get started, click here.

You can also use our vetted list of Clean & Cruelty-Free brands here!


There are a ton of incredible non-profit organizations and charities that benefit animals and/or help fight animal testing (, etc.). You can also volunteer your time or services as well!

Educate Others

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to share your knowledge on animal testing & toxic chemicals in beauty products! A lot of people don’t truly understand what cruelty-free entails and why it’s necessary.

Additional Animal Rights to Support

Unfortunately, Animal Testing isn’t the only way animals are mistreated today. See below for other ways you can help support Animal Rights in general.

Write to Congress

An easy way to support Animal Rights is to go There you can see all of the issues that are still occurring and how you can reach out to the right people to ask them to cease.

Additional Cruelty-Free Resources & Programs

Are You an Animal Activist?

If you’re part of or know of an existing animal rights cause, let us know! We’d love to make this page a resource that links out to many great causes – including links to fundraisers/donations!