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young brunette woman cleaning kitchen counter with spray and rag

Best Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products

young brunette woman cleaning kitchen counter with spray and rag
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Less-Toxic Household Cleaners

With a bigger push than ever for less toxic & sustainable home cleaning products, the market has become flooded with options. Some of these options are legit while others are a prime example of greenwashing; when brands market their products as more eco-friendly and “clean” than they are.

We’ve independently tested a large number of cleaning products and have found the less-toxic products that perform the best. Aside from being safer for you and your home, these products are from brands that have a strong focus on sustainability and do not test on animals.

Top Natural & Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Products

Best All-Purpose Cleaner (concentrate)Branch Basics
Best Bathroom CleanerPuracy
Best Carpet Cleaner (for machines)Branch Basics
Best Dish SoapEcos
Best Dishwasher Detergent (Gel) Ecos
Best Dishwasher Detergent (Pods) Puracy
Best Floor Cleaner (concentrate)Aunt Fannie’s
Best Glass CleanerPuracy
Best Kitchen & Surfaces CleanerBranch Basics
Best Laundry DetergentMolly’s Suds
Best Laundry WhitenerBranch Basics
Best Shower CleanerBranch Basics
Best Sink CleanerMolly’s Suds
Best Stain RemoverPuracy
Best Wood CleanerEcos

*We have yet to find a manufactured toilet bowl cleaner we love. We use a DIY mixture of baking soda + white vinegar in a spray bottle (mix at the time of use).

natural cleaning products
Photo courtesy of Pexels

How We Decide Which Cleaning Products are Best


Ingredients are priority number one when it comes to choosing non-toxic cleaning products. So many brands market themselves as clean and sustainable when really they aren’t. In our opinion, the best cleaning products have a low number of total ingredients (around 10 or less) and are primarily plant-derived. None of the product’s ingredients have a high likelihood of causing hormonal disruption and/or other serious health risks.


The next biggest factor in determining good household cleaning products is efficacy. We read the product’s label to see how the product should be properly used as well as what it claims to do. If our personal results line up with the product’s claims and leave us satisfied (not going back in to re-clean the same spot), we know we have a good one on our hands!

Sustainability + No Animal Testing

We personally vet each brand before sharing their products to confirm they do not test on animals. We also make sure their business focuses on sustainability and doesn’t create a large amount of waste and pollution.

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