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Lisse Shaver & Soap - Clean and Cruelty-Free

Behind the Brand: Lisse

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Lisse is a non-toxic, eco-friendly & cruelty-free shaving company that specializes in rose-gold safety razors, shave oil, and shave soap. Their products are vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free.

Amy, Owner & Founder of Lisse

Lisse Interview

Lisse is a one-woman show run by Amy of Vancouver, Canada. Her firm stance on creating and using sustainable and cruelty-free products caught our attention. Through Lisse, she’s made shaving glamorous, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Find out more about Amy & Lisse below in an interview we conducted recently.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (your name, where you’re from, hobbies, unique skills or facts, etc.)

I’m Amy, originally from England and now living in Vancouver Canada. I studied languages and international business at university and have lived and worked in 7 countries so far and counting. 🙂 I’ve predominantly worked within marketing and website development fields – I love making new ideas become a reality.

In my free time, I am usually hanging out with my dog Frankie or hiking/climbing with my partner. I love West African dance and Jamaican dancehall, I need to fit more of them into my life! I’m hugely driven by people and the community. I love connecting with like-minded women and learning from each other.

How did the idea for Lisse come about?

It was scratching my own itch. I am trying to make eco-conscious swaps in my bathroom and cut down my plastic. Safety Razors are a great non-plastic switch but everyone I found on the market was uber-masculine (and often male-owned companies) and so I wanted to bring eco and lux together. What I didn’t expect to begin with was how much of a better and closer shave it was. Same for the shave oil – every bottle I found was a small 30ml size targeted at men, which won’t last long when you’re shaving your legs!

How did you choose your brand name?

“Lisse” means “smooth” in French so that was the inspiration.

What type of products do you create?

I’ve developed a rose gold safety razor for women and clean and cruelty-free shaving products. We’ve also just been Leaping Bunny certified!

How do you select which ingredients to use? Is there anything in particular you avoid?

I’m an avid oil user – I love harnessing the power of oils. Jojoba and Coconut oils are the base of my shaving oil – both are amazing for hydration and limiting razor burn. I wanted to keep the ingredients clean and avoid any toxic ingredients or “fragrance”.

How do you select the colors and packaging for your products? Do you pull inspiration from anywhere?

I developed my brand colors around the ‘peach’ kind of tones as I wanted it to feel feminine without being too in-your-face pink. I also designed the packaging myself and wanted something simple and clean which reflects the ingredients.

Are your products & packaging eco-friendly?

Our safety razor and blades are 100% recyclable and our shave oil comes in a glass bottle which you can reuse for a DIY or recycle. We also use cardboard and paper in our packaging and shipping so everything can be recycled – also looking into compostable mailers for the future.

Why is being cruelty-free (not testing on animals) important to you?

This is #1 for me! I love animals and I own a dog so this is a non-compromise. It actually took way longer than I thought to find suppliers for our shave oil ingredients that I fully trusted and that met our CF standards. But it’s so worth it, and we’re so happy to now be Leaping Bunny approved. I hope that one day “CF beauty” will just be the standard.

Anything important we need to know about safety razors?

I think there are some women that are nervous to try. I was nervous before my first time then after I did it I was like, seriously, what was the fuss about!?! The blade is barely exposed and is not too different from a regular razor. The main difference is the weight of it – you don’t need to push down and apply lots of pressure, just go slow and gentle your first time and you can’t go wrong.

These big razor companies often make a loss on a razor sale knowing they make an absolute fortune on cartridge refills and I think it’s about time we took back control. You can buy 100 refills for a safety razor for about $20 – that’s 2-3 years worth of shaving!

Do you have any new products or exciting updates in the pipeline?

Even though I’m an oil lover I love the idea of potentially developing creams and soaps. I’d also like to develop blade banks to store your used blades and potentially some cute travel pouches to keep your razor in when you’re on the go.

Lisse Rose Gold Shaver for Women - Eco Friendly Shavers
Photo courtesy of Lisse

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