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Non-Toxic Makeup Brands

Clean & Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

Vetted Clean and Cruelty-Free makeup brands.
Vetted Clean and Cruelty-Free makeup brands.

Non-Toxic Makeup Brands
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Last Updated 2/12/2023

Clean + Cruelty-Free Beauty

Although many countries have banned 1,300+ harsh chemicals from being used in cosmetics, the United States of America still allows a majority of them. Because of this, it falls upon us as consumers to conduct our own research and determine which ingredients and products are “safe” to use. Thankfully America is becoming more aware of the overuse of “harsher” chemicals, and we’re seeing the birth of tons of beauty brands that are using safer ingredients as a result.

The amount of effort it takes to vet brands can be time-consuming. For this reason, we’ve curated a list of clean makeup brands, with varying price points, that are also cruelty-free. If you’re curious, you can learn more about our standards here.

Please keep in mind that everyone’s definition of “clean” differs. While our list is a great starting point, we always suggest reviewing product ingredients first and consulting your doctor or dermatologist with any questions.

Green Beauty Brands (that don’t test on animals)

100% PURE

100% PURE® is an organic beauty brand by Susie Wang, James Wang, and Ric Kostick. Their color cosmetics are dyed with fruit, vegetable & plant pigments instead of traditional and/or synthetic dyes. Aside from using natural ingredients they are big on sustainability and have made their packaging biodegradable. They also create hair & skincare products.

Selling Points: Organic, Fruit-Pigmented, Biodegradable Packaging
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]



14e is an aloe-based makeup line founded by makeup artist, Emma Fortin of San Diego, CA. Emma partnered with a molecular biologist to create the cosmetic line. The packaging is derived from sugar cane and PCR Materials, making it eco-friendly.

Selling Points: Aloe-based, Natural Ingredients, Glowy, Eco-Friendly
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]



Alima Pure was created by Kate O’Brien in her attic back in 2004. Alima Pure values sustainability and has programs in place to plant trees and be carbon neutral. Their refillable packaging is also a plus!

Selling Points: Women-Owned, Certified B-Corp, Eco-Friendly
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]



Antonym Cosmetics was founded by makeup artist Valerie Giraud in Miami, FL. Val’s vision for Antonym was to bring organic ingredients to the forefront while still performing well. Antonym has been used on many celebrities for red carpet events, such as Keira Knightley, Ashley Green, and Elizabeth Banks.

Selling Points: Organic, High Performing
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]


Āether Beauty was created by a former Head of Product Development at Sephora, Tiila Abbitt. Tiila saw a need for more color choices and truly sustainable packaging in the clean beauty space and created just that. Her line currently includes award-winning eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter palettes – with plans to expand further.

Selling Points: Crystal Infused, Zero Waste Packaging, Women-Owned, Vegan, Award-Winning
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]


Au Naturale is a Wisconsin-based company run by Ashley Prange, a former nuclear analyst from D.C. Au Naturale relies on high-quality ingredients sourced from farmers. The range includes complexion, lip, cheek, and eye-colored products, and isn’t afraid of pigmented, vampy colors.

Selling Points: Women-Owned, Ethically Sourced, Transparent
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]



Axiology creates vegan “Lip-to-Lid Balmies” and multi-use sticks that are eco-friendly and easy to use. The products are handcrafted in Oregon, USA, and do not include plastic.

Selling Points: Eco-Friendly, Easy to Use, Minimalistic, Vegan, Plastic-Free
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]



Clove + Hallow (now absorbed by sister brand Clover) was founded by Makeup Artist Sarah Biggers-Stewart. Sarah’s vast knowledge of makeup application and formulation allowed her to create an award-winning line that performs like a dream. Some of Clove + Hallow’s largest selling points are a 15-ingredients-or-less promise and inclusive shade ranges.

Selling Points: Women-Owned, Vegan, Award-Winning, Inclusive
Price Range: Affordable to Mid-Range [$ – $$]


Elate has a beautiful line of colored cosmetics, packaged in compostable bamboo and seed paper. They also have a refill program, allowing them to produce little waste. Their emphasis is on building a capsule collection.

Selling Points: Indie, Women Owned, Refillable, Low Waste
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]


Founded by former Sephora employee, Susan, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Selling Points: Women Owned
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]


Ilia has been a gold standard in high-performing clean beauty for years. Their products also have an emphasis on skincare.
*Update 2022 – Ilia is now owned by Clarins, which is not a cruelty-free company.

Selling Points: High-Performance, Quality Ingredients
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]


Having been around for 25+ years it’s hard not to think of Jane Iredale as the originator of “Clean Beauty”. Their primary focus is to mix skincare benefits within their makeup, allowing people with troubled skin to feel beautiful and wear makeup without further upsetting their skin.

Selling Points: Long-Wear, Skincare Infused
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]


Karen Behnke founded Juice Beauty after having her first child at 40. After undergoing hormonal changes she sought out a healthier way to take care of her changing skin – and thus, created the line. While her skincare seems to be more popular, her cream blushes, mascara, and CC cream are not to be slept on.

Selling Points: Sustainable, Vegan, Organic, Farm to Beauty
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]


Johnny Concert was co-created by former Elle Magazine intern Joanna Christina and Creative Director Matt Baggiani. Their line brings edginess to clean beauty while remaining conscious and kind at the core. Their products include biodegradable glitters, eyeshadows, and lip products.

Selling Points: Vegan, Biodegradable (Glitter)
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]


Kosas has been killing the makeup game as of late, coming out with clean and cruelty-free products that are effective and modern. Their products are intended to be simple and multi-use, perfect for people who are always on the go.

Selling Points: Inclusive, Skincare Benefits, Multi-Use
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]



Lily Lolo was founded by

Selling Points:
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]



Merit holds the crown for stick and cream color products specifically made with acne-prone people in mind. Their formulas are non-comedogenic and exclude ingredients that are known to irritate and/or cause acne (like coconut oil). Their formulas are also vegan and the brand itself is certified cruelty-free via Leaping Bunny!

Selling Points: Minimalistic, Non-comedogenic/Acne-Friendly, Multi-Use, Vegan
Price Range: Luxury [$$]



Mob Beauty was the brainchild of former chief chemist (and founder) at MAC Cosmetics, Victor Casale, as well as other industry vets. This highly experienced team knows how to make high-performing products that both consumers and pro artists alike will reach for over and over. Add in sustainable packaging, conscious ingredient sourcing, and clean formulation – and you have an award-winning green beauty line in the making. MOB’s cake liner, eyeshadows, and clay blushes are causing a stir across social media, and for good reason – they rock!

Selling Points: Sustainable Packaging, High Performace, Professional-Grade, Sample Sizes
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]


Nadine Cormier and Sandra Anderson-Diaz created Nu Evolution after they and several others in their life were diagnosed with health issues. They decided to create a line that is both “healthy and stylish” to match their busy lifestyles and personal preferences. The line consists of colored cosmetics for complexion, eyes, and lips.

Selling Points: Female Owned
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]


Pacifica is an easily-accessible vegan + clean beauty line sold in Target, drugstores, Ulta, and online. They have a wide range of products and are suitable for all skin tones and types (hair too!).

Selling Points: Crystal Infused, Affordable, Vegan, Widely Available, Recycling Program
Price Range: Affordable [$]


Rituel De Fille was founded by three sisters with an emphasis on magic. The brand is well known for its beautiful cream pigments, eye soots, and luminizers. While the price point is high, the products are unique and well-created.

Selling Points: Women Owned
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]


RMS is a pro-grade beauty line, and one of the first major players in the clean beauty space. Founded by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, the line marries clean ingredients and professional performance well.

Selling Points: High Performing, Professional Grade
Price Range: Luxury [$$$]


Sappho was created by veteran film and television makeup artist JoAnn Fowler. JoAnn focused on using ingredients that don’t disrupt hormones but still perform well. Sappho brings a professional-grade edge to the clean beauty space and offers an inclusive shade range.

Selling Points: Women-Owned, Vegan, Organic, Inclusive, All Skin types
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]


Silk Naturals carries a wide range of colors cosmetics at a super affordable price! They’re most popular for their loose eye shadows and lip products – with new colors coming out weekly! The products are handmade in New York by Karen Stark and her small team.

Selling Points: Wide-Range, Small Business, Women Owned, Award Winning, Handmade
Price Range: Affordable [$]


Headquartered in Austin, TX W3ll People has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the clean beauty space, and is now widely available (yes, even Target!).

Selling Points: Widely Available
Price Range: Mid-Range [$$]


Westman Atelier is one of the most luxurious (and expensive) clean makeup brands available. Created by celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman, the products are high-performing and innovative. The packaging is gorgeous and high-end, with a weighted feel and magnetic closures. Perhaps not the most eco-friendly packaging, but we stan a good vanity piece.

Selling Points: High-Performing, Gorgeous Packaging, Pro-Grade
Price Range: Ultra Luxury [$$$$]

Did we miss a brand? Let us know here and we’ll happily reach out to them to see if they meet our Clean & Cruelty-Free standards.

This post is not sponsored but may contain affiliate links from which we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Nothing stated in this article should be used in place of professional medical advice. All opinions are our own.

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