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Clove + Hallow Makeup Cruelty-free

Is Clove + Hallow Cruelty-Free?

Is Clove + Hallow Cruelty-Free?
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Clove + Hallow Makeup – Is it Cruelty-Free?

Clove + Hallow is a small cosmetic brand located in Atlanta, Georgia that creates non-toxic vegan makeup. We recently reached out to them via email to inquire about their animal testing policies to ensure they are cruelty-free. Below is our conversation.

The Email I Sent Them

Clove and Hollow Cruelty Free

Their Response

Thanks for reaching out to us! Clove + Hallow is 100% cruelty free. We do not currently have any retailers in China and our brand is owned and operated by our CEO, Sarah Biggers. Hope that answered your questions! Have a great day 🙂

– Zeze

The C+H Team
1015 Collier Road NW
Suite H
Atlanta, GA 30318

Final Verdict

 ✓ Clove + Hallow is cruelty-free and has been added to our cruelty-free makeup & skincare brand list.

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