Is Plume Science Cruelty-Free?

Is Plume Science Cruelty-Free
Plume Science Eyebrow Gel & Brush next to white flowers

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Are Plume Hair & Lash Science Products Cruelty-Free?

Plume Science is a non-toxic beauty brand that specializes in eyelash and eyebrow products. I recently reached out to them via email to inquire about their animal testing policies. Below is our conversation.

The Email I Sent Them

Plume Science Cruelty Free

Their Response

Lauren Bilon, the founder of Plume Science replied directly.

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for contacting us! All answers are ”no” except for #5. Our pomade is vegan however our serum has honey extract.


Final Verdict

 ✓ Plume Science is cruelty-free and has been added to our cruelty-free makeup & skincare brand list.

⚘ Both their brow pomade and brow brush are vegan. The lash serum is not as it contains honey extract.

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