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dark haired woman with curly hair and orange shirt outside

Clean & Cruelty-Free Hair Care

Clean & Cruelty-Free Hair Care
Clean & Cruelty-Free Hair Care
dark haired woman with curly hair and orange shirt outside
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Clean & Cruelty-Free Hair Care

The world of Clean & Cruelty-Free hair care has come a long way in the past few years. Products that leave your hair shiny and healthy without toxic ingredients (and no animal testing) have become easier to find, some even affordable! We’ve comprised a list of the brands we’ve personally vetted and meet our Clean & Cruelty-Free™ standards.

Our list is also inclusive, including brands for all hair types and ethnicities. So whether you’re a curly-headed cutie, wavy lady, or a straight-haired babe, we’ve got you covered!

Please keep in mind the terms “clean” and “green” are relative and can mean different things to different people. While our list is vetted and a great starting point, we ALWAYS recommend that you do your own research and consult your hairstylist or doctor with any questions about a product.

Clean & Cruelty-Free Hair Care Brands

  1. 100% Pure
  2. Acure
  3. Alaffia
  4. Alba Botanica
  5. Andalou Naturals
  6. Avalon Organics
  7. Beauty by Earth
  8. Captain Blankenship
  9. Daily
  10. Ecco Bella
  11. EVOLVh (use code ‘cleanandcrueltyfree’ for 15% off)
  12. Innersense Beauty
  13. InstaNatural
  14. Josh Rosebrook
  15. Kaia Naturals
  16. Lovesong Beauty
  17. Olaplex
  18. Plaine Products
  19. Rahua
  20. Reverie
  21. Silk Naturals
  22. The Innate Life
  23. Together Beauty
  24. TreLuxe
  25. Weleda
  26. Yuni Beauty
  27. Zion Health (Adama Minerals)

Curious About a Brand That Isn’t Listed Here?

Send us a message with the brand name and we’ll reach to see if they meet our Clean & Cruelty-Free standards.

This post is not sponsored but may contain affiliate links from which we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Nothing stated in this article should be used in place of professional medical advice. All opinions are our own.

Stephanie Thorn
Founder of Clean & Cruelty-Free. A Midwest girl with a passion for green beauty, makeup artistry, animals rights, and comfy leggings. Since being diagnosed with PCOS she's made it her mission to adopt a less-toxic lifestyle.